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"Excellent BKF Explorer gives the provision to recover corrupted BKF data thus helping the user utilize the service of innovative technology to save data from the damaged, inaccessible or corrupted BKF file. Advance scanning options as Quick scan, Deep scan and Range scan allow to explore BKF data perfectly from the BKF file."

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The Professional Way to Explore Corrupted BKF Data

BKF Recovery Box

Cost: 89 USD

Size: 25.6 MB Version: 8.0

Utilize most suitable way to extract BKF data by giving the responsibility of BKF file repair to the best BKF Explorer tool available in the online market with the name BKF Recovery tool. As the name indicates, the BKF Explorer is designed to repair BKF file and then explore it from the corrupted BKF files and help user recover BKF database into healthy format. Three different scanning options as Deep Scan, Quick Scan, and Range Scan make the perfection in recovering BKF data reach higher levels thus minimizing the risk of data being lost. Select the BKF file from the location it is stored, choose one of the scanning option, get the preview of recovered data, view file content by exploring the particular file, then extract and save BKF file.
The software is available with one more scanning option, Range Scan that can be utilized if backup data within a range is to be recovered. To utilize this scanning option, go to “Actions” >> “Range Scan”. The software to answer how to recover BKF files will then ask you to enter the value for range scan. Enter the required value and proceed for recovery.

Recover BKF Files In Simple Steps

  • Download our BKF Recovery software, install in it our system and once you are done with the process, open the solution to repair damaged BKF file created using by Backup Exec by Symantec or NTBackup.exe
  • Select the BKF file that you wish to recover and now choose the scanning option: Quick Scan / Deep Scan / Range Based Scan
  • The software after loading the corrupt BKF file will start scanning it and lets you preview its content.
  • Now click on “Extract” option from the menu bar to save the content stored on selected folder.
  • To repair more BKF file, click on “Close Back File” from the left tree structure » Click on “Load” to select more files.

Free Trial Run to Check BKF Repair Tool Functionalitie

Prior to purchase of the full version of BKF Explorer software user can download free version of the software that works exactly as the full version starting from load, scan and preview recover BKF data. After checking the preview of data recovered, user can go for the purchase of activation key that help to automate database recovery tool thus allow to extract and save BKF data in the healthy format to the desired location. The free version of the software is effective in illustrating the steps that the BKF Explorer exhibits once the corrupted file is loaded to get scan and recover process done. So it is always advised to download free BKF Explorer version, before investing on the full version of the recovery application.

How To Recover BKF File Easily : Here Is The Answer with BKF Recovery Software

How to recover BKF files” - this could be the query of yours for which you must be looking for a reliable answer. Our BKF Recovery software is a profitable solution that enables users to recover or repair corrupt BKF files with efficiency.  Build up with user-friendly interface and powerful backend, the software acts as a complete answerer of the query as how to recover BKF files in simple and few steps. The BKF repair tool is perfectly engineered with Quick Data Recovery Technique so that backup data is retrieved faultlessly.

Download BKF Recovery Software Freeware

To operate the software to experience as how to repair BKF files, download trial edition of the BKF Repair tool that will let you recover and preview the recovered items. The option to extract and save BKF file is deactivated in version for ability demonstration.