How to Recover Corrupted BKF Files in Windows 8.1

Everyone is growing up with advanced technology and this is increasing the methods to make backup of important files. Backing up important files helps to prevent data loss. In Windows XP we already have inbuilt NTBackup utility which helps to make backup of every files and can easily restore whenever needed. In other versions of Windows Operating System user has to download the which is for FREE and can easily perform backup operation. As well as VERITAS Software also provides the option to backup with .bkf extension. With the help of these software user can easily backup their data and keep them safe.

Mostly these data remain safe and secure but sometimes it gets corrupted, inaccessible or damaged. Reasons of such situation can be anything like any hardware /software issues, CRC Errors, malware attack, human errors, improper system shut-down, catalog files goes missing, operating malfunction and many more. In these situation it is not possible to access bkf files normally. To recover corrupted bkf files we have to take support of third party solutions which are easily available online. Even when we move from Windows XP to Windows 8.1 or any other Windows Operating System mostly our bkf files get inaccessible.

Errors Which Proves That Your BKF File is Corrupted

  • There is no Information contained in file
  • Backup File contains Unrecognised data and cannot be used
  • Cannot Copy Backup
  • 0x8007007B

Solution to recover corrupted bkf file

To recover these corrupted bkf files we have to take third party solutions as without that it is not possible to recover bkf files. The best and simplest software to recover bkf files is BKF Recovery Software which is well known for its flexibility, advanced features. Software provides the free trial version to very user before purchasing the licensed version. Trial Version scan the files, recover it and gives the preview of the recovered file but doesn’t allow to extract them. Trial version provides every feature to users but has only one limitation that is doesn’t allow to extract files. For extracting the recovered bkf file one has to purchase the full version of this software.