Learn About BKF Corruption And Recovery

Backups: Finest Data Savor! In day-to-day life, what do you actually do to safeguard your important files and documents? You get them photostated so that if in case at the time of emergency you do not get your original documents on time, you can make use of the photocopy. Right? Now similarly, when we talk about saving data and information in the computer system, we follow the routine idea. We make replicas of the original data in the form of backup.

An Introduction With NTBackup Utility: In Windows NT versions, users were gifted with a beneficial application known as NTBackup utility that facilitates users to create backup of important data and information.
Below given are the steps following which you can know how to backup important data using NTBackup utility:

Step 1: Start up the NTBackup utility program and then select the desired files and folders that you wish to backup

  • Now click on Start
  • Go to All Programs
  • Click On Accessories
  • Go To System Tools
  • Hit to Backup and click

Note:On clearing “Always Start In Wizard Mode” check box, then you can avoid the option “Backup and Restore Wizard” Window in future when you start up with backup utility.

Step 2: Go to ‘Backup Tab’>> Job Menu>> New

Step 3: Next to the drives that you wish to backup, select the check boxes. For selection of a particular file or folder, expand the drive and then select the check boxes on side o files and folders

Step 4: In System State check box, information about Windows Registry, Active Director etc is included that is not usually backed up. Select the System State check box from available under My Computer. This will let you know the location of file and folder that you want to backup

Note:You are required to type full path name for the data to be backed up if in case you select the file in this step. You can also assign destination of a network share. Basically, data in backup files is saved as .bkf file extension.

Step 5: For opening the dialog box “backup job information”, click on “Start Backup” option

Step 6: If in case the media already has a backup, then following options are available:

  • If you want to modify the existing backup, then click ‘Append This Backup on Media
  • If you wish to rewrite  the existing backup, click on ‘Replace the data on media with this backup

Step 7: Click ‘Advanced’ and then confirm data after backup check box

Step 8: You can create four types of backup (Normal, Copy, Differential and Daily). Select the suitable option from the available options.

Step 9: Click OK >> Start Backup >> When the backup is complete, click on Close button.

Warning: Backups Can Hit The Skids!

Yes, you heard it right. Backups are prone to failure due to corruption. BKF file can get corrupted due to reasons like:

  • Abrupt system shutdown
  • Interruption in the backup
  • Missing catalog file
  • Interruption in backup
  • Running BITS and backup simultaneously
  • Low storage capacity due to FAT file system
  • Virus attack
  • Installation of new OS with new different product key

Indication of BKF File Corruption

When corruption strikes BKF file, you remain unable to restore the backup data. Under such situations, following error messages are displayed on screen that gives an indication about BKF file being damaged. A List of some of the error messages are given below:

Relax! If There Is Problem, There Is A Solution Too

Technology invested its best for the development of mankind. So how could it be left behind in dealing with issues of BKF file corruption. BKF Repair tools are available in online market that are specially designed with advanced techniques and algorithms to work around the troubles created due to backup corruption.

Matchless Advanced BKF Recovery Tool To Repair BKF File: You can fix corruption error messages and restore backup data in a flawless manner with BKF Recovery software that is a time-tested solution to recover damaged backup with touch of perfection. The software is enriched with following advanced features:

  • Four Different scanning options (deep scan, partial scan, range scan and quick) scan are available for proper scanning of backup data
  • Quick Data Recovery Technique working at software backend allows executing precise recovery without alteration
  • The software is developed with simplified interface that ascertains that non-technical users can also execute perfect recovery