BKF Explorer – Client Reviews

BKF Explorer gives me the power to get back my data from the BKF files that were the last choice left for me to get the data that I saved from the Windows OS I was using for the last 7 years. When my system crashed I was under the believe that whatever happens with the system I will be able to get the updated data restored from BKF file stored in the safe location, but all my hope was darkened with the shadow of BKF corruption. But Thank God, Technical geeks had developed BKF Recovery software like excellent BKF Explorer, which made my recovery tour easy and effectively done.

Toperfewz Squlerza, Korea

I recently updated my Windows XP to Windows 7 but after that I was not able to access my BKF file which I made through inbuild NTBackup Utility in Windows XP. Whenever I tried to restore my BKF files it always showed error - "the backup file contains unrecognized data and cannot be used". It was very difficult to repair it but with the help of BKF Repair Tool I was able to restore all my files without any data loss. Thanks to the support team who helped me a lot while accessing the software. Keep this good work.

Caroline Gilbert, Germany